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Bumble bee peppa the pig Patients who call 999 but are deemed to be nonemergency cases could face a Skype evaluation an NHS whistleblower has said file imagePatients who dial 999 are being assessed over Skype instead of being sent an ambulance it has emerged.Trials are under way across England to see if video consultations on smartphone apps could replace ambulances for thousands of lower priority calls.They are being used on patients whose conditions arent deemed immediately lifethreatening such as back pain abdominal pain falls or heavy bleeding.Details of the Skype and FaceTime trials were revealed by former South Central Ambulance Service emergency call handler Karen Frederick who says patients are being failed because the service is so overwhelmed.The whistleblower revealed a string of controversial practices being used to cope with rising numbers of 999 calls. They includeA no send policy whereby patients are refused ambulances if their lives arent thought to be in immediate dangerOperators being allowed to take highpriority calls while drunk or high on drugsCall handlers being banned from giving out medical advice to heart attack patients because they dont have time Taxis being used to ferry patients to hospital if ambulance crews are too busyElderly patients who have fallen being made to wait nine hours for an ambulance as they are repeat

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