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Grindr profiles pics Angelina Jolie effect IS real Actress double mastectomy and reconstruction has raised awareness of cancer treatmentAwareness of breast removal and reconstruction ops increased after Angelina Jolies experiences were reported in the mediaWomens awareness that reconstruction using a patients own tissue is possible and that it can take place at the same time as removal increasedActress discovered she carries a mutation of the BRCA1 geneIt increases the risk of breast cancer by 87 and ovarian cancer by 50

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Eroctic chats Its not the narrative the article is selling but reading between the lines its pretty clear that a big part of the Netherlands being the number 2 food seller by value is that it focuses on high value crops. This is not to say theres nothing innovative there after all the articles compares yields for tomatoes specifically. But thats not the only thing going on and it seems like there might be issues with applying the capitalintensive methods used on their highvalue crops to cheaper staples.Svejk saysIndeed. These numbers appear to include very highvalue products like bulbs natch and seed stock varieties of various plants and also finished products like cheeses. I would be interested to see what the relative importexport volume is on a basket of staples here Germans would make a joke about the export volume of Dutch tomatoes being mostly inflated with water.I wonder if it is useful to tease out the role of geography. The Netherlands may be advantaged as an exportoriented market for highvalue goods as a small nation with a histo

Grindr emoji app autys free sex chattingThe New York Times Close searchDEC. 13 2017 Essays and art from Jenna Wortham Ruth Franklin Vivian Gornick Parul Sehgal Heidi Julavits Paula Scher Olivia Locher Amber Vittoria and more. Typography by Jessica Svendsen and Ben Barry Story continues belowThe Reckoning Women and Power in the WorkplaceEssays and art from Jenna Wortham Ruth Franklin Vivian Gornick Parul Sehgal Heidi Julavits Paula Scher Olivia Locher Amber Vittoria and more.By THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINEDEC. 15 2017As revelations of sexual harassment break women have been discussing the fallout and how to move forward. Here women from across the working world take on this complicated conversation.We Were Left OutBy Jenna WorthamRevolution will come in a form we cannot yet imagine the critical theorists Fred Moten and Stefano Harney wrote in their 2013 essay The Undercommons about the need to radically upend hierarchical institutions. I thought of their prophecy in October when a private document listing allegations of sexual harassment and abuse by dozens of men in publishing and media surfaced online.The list a Google spreadsheet initia

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Carrying my baby bumble bee internet safety glossaryThe terminology used to talk about technology and the online world can be baffling at times. Especially when new technology and new words to describe it constantly emerge. Heres an uptodate glossary of some of the most important words to help you keepabreast of the latest internetrelated language.AAddressGenerally short for web address where you find a particular web page or website on the internet also known as a URL. May also be short for email address.AdwareAngry BirdsAntivirus softwareA program that is used to detect prevent and remove viruses on your computer or mobile device or that are sent to you in an email chat message or on a web page.AppShort for application this is a program or piece of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose and is usually downloaded by a user to a mobile device.Ask.fmA social networking site based in Latvia through which users can ask other users questions with the option of anonymity. Ask.fms reputation as a platform for cyberbullying has been highlighted in the media although a change of ownership has promised to stamp out this type of activity.AttachmentA file that is sent along with an email message social network post IM via Skype and various other programs. It can be any sort of file and pictures are often sent this way.BBBMThe BlackBerry Messenger BBM app allows users to share messages and images. It also has the optio

Escort in Bombo 03222018They didnt outlaw personals. They just said they may be responsible for human trafficking and prostitutionby Anonymous03222018I think A4A and the like will be fine. No one cares about gays involved with human trafficking. Thank Anonymous03222018WOW. Its only the beginning. Damn. I agree porn is cumming soon. Its gonna be gone. Will porn stores open back upby Anonymous03222018Porn is constitutionally protected unless it is deemed obscene by community standards which would be impossible to prove given the hundreds of millions who watch Anonymous03222018by Anonymousby Anonymous03222018R6 Its not constitutional to outlaw personals but a court has ruled that providers of personal ads can be held accountable for the misuse of those personals ads. This accountability has caused Craigslist to CHOOSE to not provide the service. When a private business chooses to provide or not provide a service that is not a constitutional issue unless it is for discriminatory purposes.Previously there was no risk to Craigslist for providing this service but now that there is a risk in the form of accountability lawsuits Craigslist has decided that it is better to abandon the service than to host it. The risk isnt worth it.I do not know exactly what misuse of personals ads means in this context but accountability is the important factor.My first thought is not that this would lead to porn prohibition but if classified ads in general are at risk. Can Craigslist be held

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